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        Application of wet mica powder

          Wet mica powder is widely used in mica ceramic raw materials, plastics and rubber additives, building materials, paint additives, welding rod coating maintenance layer, drilling mud additives, coatings, paints, fire protection, oil consumption paper making, oil well drilling, decorative cosmetics and other industries.

          1. Oil well drilling mud additives act as sealants.

          2. In roofing materials, it plays the role of rain proof, heat preservation, heat insulation and decoration.

          3. Mica powder is used for mineral wool resin and paint mixing. It can be used as decorative coating for concrete, stone and brick through the outer wall.

          4. Mica powder is used as maintenance coating for welding rods, wires and cables.

          5. Mica powder is used as filler for oil consumption, pipeline mortar and cementing agent to make decorative coatings, sound-absorbing mortar, ceiling and concrete filler and cement mortar filler to improve the strength of cement mortar.

          6. Rubber products are used as lubricants and fillers for high-strength electrical insulation and heat-resistant, acid-alkali-resistant products; tires are used as covering agents when they are renovated; and tires are used as lubricants between inner and outer tires in tire manufacturing. In the use of rubber and plastics, the mechanical strength, toughness, adhesion, aging resistance and corrosion resistance of rubber and plastics can be improved.

          7. In coatings, it can greatly improve the weatherability, water permeability, adhesion between coatings and substrates and strength of coatings, and improve the appearance of coatings.
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