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        Announcement: Welcome to Youjia website!

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        About us

        about us
        Add:59 Xinwei Road, Zhutang Town, Jiangyin City
        Tel:+86-510-68973166 +86-510-68171566
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        Youjia Pearlescent Mica Co., Ltd. is located in the National civilized city - Jiangyin. The company is only 3 kilometers away from the Xicheng expressway to Shanghai just 1 hour. It is very convenient.

        The company occupies more than 50 acres with annual production of 5,000 tons of synthetic fluorophlogopite mica flake and 3,000 tons of synthetic fluorophlogopite mica powder. There are +4 and -4 mesh fluorophlogopite mica flakes at present. Also, it has 18 different kinds of synthetic fluorophlogopite mica powder, from 30 mesh to 1500 mesh. The production scale ranks first in the domestic counterparts, and the quality among the top both at home and abroad. Products are sold to Germany, United States, Japan and other countries.

        Youjia Pearlescent Mica Co., Ltd. believes in good faith based on operating truthfully and training qualified employees. Our company emphasizes on developing new technology, new products and uses high industrialization to build up high image and promote excellent brand. We will develop high-quality products to the market to win our customers.

        The synthetic fluorophlogopite mica fragments are made from the raw chemicals through highheating fuses , cooling and crystallizing. It belongs to oblique crystal strip, a typical layered silicate. The functions of the synthetic fluorophlogopite mica fragments is superior to the natural mica, for example, high temperature resistivity can reach above 1500 ℃. Under high temperature conditions, the synthetic fluorophlogopite mica's electric volume resistivity is 1000 times higher than the natural mica. It has a lot of advantages, for example, electrical insulation is excellent, high-temperature gas releasing under the vacuum condition is highly effective,besides, it has the following characteristics:well alkali-resistant,transparent,elastic, which can be layered detachment.It is also the most important non-metallic insulation materials in electrical. electronics,aviation and other important modern industries.Internal combustion synthesis of mica crystals contains more than 95% synthetic mica fragments,which can be made into a variety of insulation products, such as synthetic mica paper, mica strip, laminated board, mica powder, mica pearlescent pigments and mica ceramics, photostable materials, building materials and so on. It is widely used in household appliances and many other industries.

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        Add:江陰市祝塘鎮新圩路59號????Tel:+86-510-68973166 +86-510-68171566????Fax: +86-510-68825766
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